Thursday, 27 May 2010

Work Hard then Work HARDER

Hey everybody, right i totally suck at updating this thing but hey i'm here now and better than ever, nah maybe not i'm just as good as i always was, well maybe not even that good. Anyway to the job at hand which is art

So anyone who is taking this serious which is less than you might think but still a very large group of people, if you are not pushing it, spending as much time as you can then you are cheating yourself, time will pass and you'll only end up half as good as you should be if you're lucky, so study study study

At times i find it difficult RSI, migraines, general fatigue and the old classic procrastinating, most artists will face these problems but dedication will pull you through most of the time and if you don't make it to the other side then hopefully it was because you weren't as commited as you thought you were not because of more serious ailments

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